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Why should you choose INFINITY?

  • Tried and trusted

  • Manufactured using 5th generation titanium

  • Conical Connection hex

  • High quality surface treatment /SLA/

  • Conical shape similar to the shape of the root of a tooth

  • Double helix design increases the contact surface between implant and bone to support better bony fusion

  • The spiral design gives more initial stability, making Infinity the ideal choice for all clinical situations and post-implant prosthesis protocols

  • True Lifetime Warranty

Infinity Dental Implant

While dental implant quality and ease-of-use is crucial, we also believe that our customer satisfaction is pivotal. Effective communication with our customers is our priority and a way to provide an excellent service quality.

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By Dentists For Dentists As dental professionals, we know exactly what our dental colleagues need. So we decided to provide you with our clinical experience, dental courses and advanced research projects.

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